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  • Why do I need to make a website?

    In our business world, private individuals need to constantly find new ways to survive and make a profit. Technology, and more precisely the Internet, is part of our daily life; we use it to find information about everything, from reading the news and entertaining ourselves to finding the products that we wish to buy. Therefore, the dynamic web presence of a company should be its top priority, as the Internet is now the largest marketing platform.

    Basically, a functional and attractive website design is the best way to advertise your business online.


  • Original and engaging websites

    Websites should have certain qualities, such as the following:

    • hey should follow the new technology trends.

    • They should integrate the social media profiles that you have created for your business (Facebook, Instagram etc.).

    • They should be search engine friendly (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

    • They should be able to adapt to any screen size of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones (Responsive web design).

    • They should have an interactive map displaying their location on Google maps.

    • They should include a customer communication platform as well as all the necessary information about the business.

    • They should represent the style and philosophy of the business.

  • Content Management Systems

    Technologies we use:

  • Hexabit’s solution

    HEXABIT specializes in developing and designing high quality websites. We already have many satisfied customers! Moreover, we have professional expertise and experience in the creation of well-structured websites that make an immediate impact and impress your visitors.

    The creation of a website is the mirror of a company, reflecting its business activities and its values; the success of your website depends on choosing the right web design company.

    More precisely, by choosing HEXABIT, you are taking a step towards the successful online promotion of your website, thanks to the benefits that we offer:

    • We do no use existing website templates. Every website is unique, made from scratch and adjusted to your needs and demands.

    • We offer guaranteed results; your website, like every website we build, will be well-structured, beautiful, attractive and professional.

    • We speed up you website’s loading time so that your visitors can navigate its content as fast as possible.

    • We build user-friendly websites. Visitors can easily navigate your website and learn about you without any effort.

    • We create fully responsive websites for smartphones and tablets. The number of users that visit websites through portable devices - in comparison to personal computers and laptop - is constantly increasing. Thus, the process of designing a fully responsive website that looks great on smartphones and tablets is crucial and applies to every website we build.

    • We offer ongoing services and we support you even after having finished the design of your website.

    • We have the best solutions at the most appealing price.

    HEXABIT studies the needs and demands of each customer, designs and proposes solutions that make a difference and makes effective websites! Our aim is to offer you integrated web design services which will help you achieve your goals!

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TipCreate a good online image of your company. The results of a website will amaze you!

Frequent questions

Company presentation, defined as the type of website that presents the services and corporate identity of a business. It contains forms for contact, cooperation, interest and job application with attached CV. The possibility of future customers and partners is given through the online presentation of a company.

The difference between company presentation website and the product catalogue, is: Services and possibly few specific products are presented in company presentation. In case of product catalogue, there is a complete product display with categorization, search, product search filters and the possibility of offline placing an order through a contact or interest form.

To qualify as an e-shop website, it must contain online order entry through the shopping cart. The e-shop, contains everything that the corporate catalogue does with many other user interactivity features, such as selection of product attributes (e.g. colour, size, etc.), with the ultimate goal of adding the product to the shopping cart. Also the e-shop contains shipping and online payments to process an order. In conclusion, we could say that apart from basic functions, the difference between product catalogue and e-shop is the shopping cart.

There are many cases of e-shop with online payment, where the business offers services rather than goods. Such cases include paying for a gym membership, paying for an event or paying for online courses. There is also the possibility of selling computer programs, with online payment and automatic sending of the program or license to the user via e-mail.

The main difference of Hexabit compared to most web design companies is that we design your website from scratch and do not use pre-planned templates from the internet. Also a key difference is: Αfter the project is completed, Hexabit provides to the client an accessibility certification, code quality and website loading speed, from tools that have the approval of the European Union (W3C, Achecker ) and Google (Pagespeed insights and Webmaster tools).

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