• Why do I need to make a website?

    In our business world, private individuals need to constantly find new ways to survive and make a profit. Technology, and more precisely the Internet, is part of our daily life; we use it to find information about everything, from reading the news and entertaining ourselves to finding the products that we wish to buy. Therefore, the dynamic web presence of a company should be its top priority, as the Internet is now the largest marketing platform.

    Basically, a functional and attractive website design is the best way to advertise your business online.


  • Original and engaging websites

    Websites should have certain qualities, such as the following:

    • hey should follow the new technology trends.

    • They should integrate the social media profiles that you have created for your business (Facebook, Instagram etc.).

    • They should be search engine friendly (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

    • They should be able to adapt to any screen size of portable devices such as tablets and smartphones (Responsive web design).

    • They should have an interactive map displaying their location on Google maps.

    • They should include a customer communication platform as well as all the necessary information about the business.

    • They should represent the style and philosophy of the business.

  • Operating Systems

    Technologies we use:


  • Hexabit’s solution

    HEXABIT specializes in developing and designing high quality websites. We already have many satisfied customers! Moreover, we have professional expertise and experience in the creation of well-structured websites that make an immediate impact and impress your visitors.

    The creation of a website is the mirror of a company, reflecting its business activities and its values; the success of your website depends on choosing the right web design company.

    More precisely, by choosing HEXABIT, you are taking a step towards the successful online promotion of your website, thanks to the benefits that we offer:

    • We do no use existing website templates. Every website is unique, made from scratch and adjusted to your needs and demands.

    • We offer guaranteed results; your website, like every website we build, will be well-structured, beautiful, attractive and professional.

    • We speed up you website’s loading time so that your visitors can navigate its content as fast as possible.

    • We build user-friendly websites. Visitors can easily navigate your website and learn about you without any effort.

    • We create fully responsive websites for smartphones and tablets. The number of users that visit websites through portable devices – in comparison to personal computers and laptop – is constantly increasing. Thus, the process of designing a fully responsive website that looks great on smartphones and tablets is crucial and applies to every website we build.

    • We offer ongoing services and we support you even after having finished the design of your website.

    • We have the best solutions at the most appealing price.

    HEXABIT studies the needs and demands of each customer, designs and proposes solutions that make a difference and makes effective websites! Our aim is to offer you integrated web design services which will help you achieve your goals!

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TipCreate a good online image of your company. The results of a website will amaze you!