Technical Support - Website Maintenance

Content update - website upgrade

  • What is Website or E-shop Technical Support?

    In order for a website to survive in the ever-changing online environment and to function properly, it must keep up with the latest technological standards and be supported by developers. Some of these are the Google algorithm and the W3C quality web code standards.

    Also, when the website management program requires an upgrade, then the developer should upgrade it and check if all the individual points are working properly.

    What we mean by the term Website or E-shop Maintenance?

    All websites must constantly update their content and appearance. This is a modern necessity, since this is how we manage to maintain search engine results. At Hexabit, the project delivered to you is fully manageable even by a novice user, as all the websites we develop have a content management environment (CMS).

    For example, when you need to change photos and texts in the content of your website, the instructions you need to follow are very simple and you will be able to complete them yourself. Of course, there is always the solution to send it to Hexabit technical support department and implement it for you.


  • Websites that withstand the test of time

    Website technical support and daily monitoring of a website, allows us to publish projects on the web using only the latest programming languages and the most up-to-date versions of CMS operating systems.

    What do we gain with a fully updated and upgraded website?

    The benefits of a website that follows the latest technologies are:

    • Avoid attacks from malware and hackers as its operating systems are always up to date.

    • Continuous monitoring of its performance and loading speed. We constantly make sure your website opens quickly to its visitors.

    • Maintenance and evolution of search engine results. Google is looking for evolving and technologically advanced websites to continue to display them in its results.

  • What you get if you work with Hexabit for the maintenance and technical support of your website

    • You never lose your files and emails as we provide daily, weekly and monthly backup.

    • You can contact our office by telephone to advise you on issues that arise.

    • You talk directly to a representative without waiting on the phone.

    • In case of failure or malfunction, we solve the problem or restore the first available backup.

    • We upload content to your website (images, files, videos) if you cannot complete these procedures yourself.

    • We ensure that all files and databases are secured.

    • We suggest changes and improvements that will probably increase the traffic or the loading speed of your website.

    • We compress images or videos with a large volume so that they do not take up much disk space and the website visitor can quickly skip them.

  • Terms and conditions of collaboration

    Hexabit undertakes the maintenance and technical support only for projects that have been implemented by Hexabit. We cannot know what another developer has created, therefore we cannot guarantee the integrity of your website..

    All technical issues are reported by the customer and resolved daily during working office hours.

    The fair use policy applies to all the above procedures.

      TipEach website must be monitored by the same developers who created it. In this way all procedures are easier and, above all, faster.

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