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  • What is Social Media?

    Social media constitute an important part of the online presence of your company. Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube are some of the most famous social networks that have millions of users. It has been a long time since the most renowned companies realized the potential of social media marketing. For this reason, they pay particular attention to their active presence on social networks by employing specialized personnel and they integrate social media into their online marketing.

  • How does the use of social media benefit a business?

    Social Media bring visitors to your website. Even if you have invested in a detailed and presentable website, its visitor traffic may remain low. Having an active online presence on social media will bring many new visitors to your website, improving your search engine ranking.

    It is an easy targeting method to reach your business audience. Social media allow you to discover your target group and thus manage more efficiently your advertising campaigns. For instance, Facebook and Insights can provide information like the age, the gender etc., allowing you to define your target audience in a direct and precise manner and therefore manage the money invested in your online advertising in the best way possible.

    It is a low-cost promotional tool. Business profiles on social networks allow you to approach a large audience of potential customers and require little or no cost in comparison to other conventional ways of advertising. This makes the promotion of your company even more effective.

    Sales improvement. The use of social media can help your company promote its messages, attract new customers and therefore increase the sales of its products or services. A simple search allows you to detect many new customers that are interested in your product or service and approach them directly.

    It offers a direct and active communication with your customers. Social networks mainly act as a communication channel, such as the telephone or the e-mail. It is a great way to track your customers opinion of your company, answer their questions and respond to possible complaints. Interaction with customers on social media highlights the humane character of a company, enhancing the loyalty of its customers to it.

    *The online presence of a company solely on the social media is not recommended at all. Its corporate identity should be promoted through an official website. Social media should reinforce the online presence of the company and attract visitors to its website. Moreover, a website should be social media friendly, facilitating content sharing. A successful online marketing means that the website and the social media are complementing each other.

  • Social media management

    Many businesses recognize the importance of social networks in order to expand their online presence, but in many cases, the lack of time and appropriate personnel prevent them from seriously investing in social media.

    HEXABIT can cover these needs successfully and directly. We have the appropriate experience and the most qualified staff that can guarantee your success. In addition, we understand the code of conduct and the possible particularities of your visitors while using the social media and we automatically find the best way to promote you and therefore increase your sales!

    Some of the most popular social media we use are:

  • The process we follow

    - We develop an action plan that can be the key to a successful online presence on social media. For instance, your objective may be to develop a promotional strategy of your new business on social media, in order to increase your clientele. This strategy may involve sharing original material regularly in order to continuously interact with your followers. We present you with a detailed Social Media Marketing Plan, which is implemented upon approval.

    - We create a company profile on social media. Each social network has its own character and specific ways of transmitting messages and approaching audiences. The type and the profile of a company (commerce of products or provision of services) often determine which social networks are the most suitable to promote its features effectively. For example, a law firm that emphasizes its professionalism, prestige and reliability may be best promoted on social networks like Twitter, Linkedin or Quora. Whereas, a company that sells children’s toys would be more effectively promoted on social networks that place emphasis on their visual content and their friendly character, such as Facebook and Pinterest. We advise you on which social networks would better showcase your business image and goals.

    - We connect your website to the social media. In this way, whenever you add something new to your website, it is automatically shared to your social media profile. Moreover, we integrate social media to your website, creating social media sharing buttons, so that your visitors can share content from your website easily and directly.

    -We carry out the designed plan. Depending on the action plan, we undertake the daily management of your company s social networks in order to achieve your goals. Some of our actions are:

    • We create and publish original content (text, images, and videos) regularly. This content is smart and attractive in order to capture the attention of your visitors and incorporates the philosophy of your company to your website.

    • We republish valid informative articles related to your business sector.

    • With your assistance, we conduct competitions, rewarding – if possible – your followers with products or services.

    • We create your social media advertisements, depending on your target audience. We set an advertising budget that either you choose or we suggest (depending on the type of advertising).

    • We analyze the data of social media. We monitor the development of our publications on a daily basis, in order to obtain useful data such as which publications have the greatest impact or which hours of the day are most suitable for publishing, depending on the visitor traffic and the demographic data of your users. By analyzing these data, we monitor the progress of our action plan and we adjust our strategy accordingly, in order to achieve your goals.

Tip Users regard social media as a way to spend their time pleasantly rather than as an advertising medium, so they are much more willing to receive any messages that your business promotes through its social media advertising.

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