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By using the hexabit.gr website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") and its content, you automatically accept all of its terms and conditions of use, as stated in the following text, without exceptions.

The Website is managed by the company "Sidiropoulos P. Nikolaos" (with the distinctive title "Hexabit Internet Services" as registered in the General Register of Companies) hereinafter referred to as the "Company". By using online services and products of the Website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms of use.

Copyright and use of information

The copyrights of the entire content of the Website, such as programs, texts, images, information and data belong exclusively to the Company and are protected by Greek, Community and international laws and provisions on intellectual and industrial property. Some of the above may belong to their respective authors, as described in each of them.

The partial or total republication and reproduction of the above contents and texts by third parties is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the Company or their creator or the owner - beneficiary.

The Company does not guarantee in any case the correctness and accuracy of the information received by the visitor through the Website.

The Company is not responsible for the inability of the user to use the Website, as well as for any errors during data transfer, such as files, viruses, malware, etc.

External links (Hyper-links)

All external links mentioned on the Website are made exclusively for the user"s convenience when downloading information. The Company does not assume any responsibility and does not guarantee or assume any liability for the contents of each external link, as well as for the services, advertisements, sales and multimedia thereof.

The Website does not offer the possibility of online payment for services or products. Therefore, any transaction carried out by the user is between third party companies found on the Website or suggested by the Website. The Company is not responsible for the fidelity and security of these third party transactions and is not responsible for any losses that occurred through third party transactions.

The above limitations of liability apply whether or not the Company is aware of any loss.

Information and data guarantee

The Company makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information. However, all information provided through the Website, whether through the parent texts or through blog posts, does not constitute a guarantee under any circumstances. The user must comply with the rules of the Website and the Company as stated in the respective text. Any promotional activity, such as a contest, campaign, etc. shall state in writing the rules and conditions of use followed.

The data and information on the Website are available to adults only.

Visitors are prohibited from impersonating another person or falsely representing themselves as a person directly related to an entity or other person.

In all of the above cases, the Company reserves the right to request evidence of compliance (in writing) as criteria when using the Website.

The content of the Website is subject to continuous modification at any time without notice.

In case the user detects errors or omissions on the Website, please notify us at the following e-mail address: info@hexabit.gr


The use of third party trademarks and names mentioned on the Website are trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. Access to the Website by a user does not constitute a license or grant of rights to use trademarks (indirect or direct) in any case of use without the prior written legal consent of the owner or holder of such trademarks.


The Company does not send Newsletters or other informational messages to strangers, users of the Website or users it actively cooperates with. The Company respects the visitor"s personal information, so it does not store it in a database.

If you find a newsletter message coming from the Company, please inform us at the following e-mail address: info@hexabit.gr.

The Company sends newsletters only to its active customers and only after their written consent.

User rights

Users of the Website have the right to access, view and refer to all contents of the Website. In the event of an error, false news or incorrect information, the user has the right to inform the Company or file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions of use of the Website as well as any modification, change or alteration thereof shall be governed by Greek law. For any dispute arising from the use of the Website, the courts of Thessaloniki shall have exclusive jurisdiction and the applicable law shall be Greek law.

If a user does not agree with the terms and conditions of use in this section, he/she must not use the services of this Website.

Contact details:
Nikolaos P. Sidiropoulos - Hexabit Internet Services
Address: Fanariou 9 str., Thessaloniki, Greece, Europe
P.C.: 56 123
Tel.: 2310.520.850
Company registration number: 142450706000
Email: info@hexabit.gr

Changes to this policy

This policy may be amended at any time. Visitors to our website should refer to it periodically to be informed of any changes. This policy is effective 18-10-2022. If it is amended, the date on which it was amended will be stated. The policy as amended by the most recent amendment shall always be deemed to be in force.

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