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  • What is web hosting?

    A web hosting service is a service that permits a website to be hosted in very powerful computers (web servers), which are in continuous operation and are connected to high-speed internet.

    What is the use of web hosting?

    Web hosting makes it possible for internet users to view a website online. When typing a website address, users connect to the server that hosts this website. Then the website data are being transferred to their computer, allowing them to browse its content. Web hosting is addressed to users (individuals or companies) who do not have the appropriate equipment to host their website, and thus they "borrow" it from third party providers.


  • Types of web hosting

    Hexabit offers two types of web hosting:

    shared hosting

    the traditional type of shared hosting refers to a web hosting service where many websites are being hosted on the same server.

    dedicated hosting

    this type of web hosting involves exclusive hosting and thus full use of the server's resources for the needs of a single website.

    Technology we use:

    apache server
  • Hexabit’s solution

    We are pleased to cover your needs for web hosting through our privately owned cloud servers.

    A cloud server combines the advantages of both shared and dedicated hosting. Although, typically, the type of web hosting used is the shared hosting (which is cheaper), the website has access to unlimited resources. This is made possible by using a cloud server which allows the server to connect to other cloud servers and use their virtual resources. So, if the demands of a website increase (e.g. increased data volume or visitor traffic), the website will “borrow” the resources that it needs in order to perform smoothly, without affecting the performance of the rest of the websites being hosted in the same server. In essence, a website uses the exact amount of resources it needs and therefore you avoid the cost of excess resources provided by a dedicated server.

    Hexabit offers:

    • Free web hosting services for a year.

    • Free ongoing technical support for a year.

    We guarantee:

    • Continuous presence of your website on the Internet with 99,9% uptime.

    • Data protection of your website, performing a daily backup.

    • Upgrading the hosting space depending on the increased requirements of your website.

TipA high-performance internet server makes your website load fast. A fast website is more easily promoted in search engines.

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