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  • What is an e-shop?

    An e-shop is an online shopping website which allows users to directly purchase products or services over the Internet. Thus, all transactions are carried out online.

    The benefits of investing in an e-shop

    Imagine a store that can operate without any rental, staff or maintenance costs; a store that remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can automatically process sales transactions. An e-shop is accessible to any consumer who has Internet access, allowing them to browse its content from any location and buy the products of their interest, without requiring their physical presence at the store.

    Creating an e-shop also means that you are creating a relationship with customers throughout the world. There are no geographical restrictions; a physical store can only serve customers located in its neighborhood, city or -under certain conditions- country, whereas an online store can serve customers from all over the world!


  • Why should I create an e-shop?

    An e-shop is an ideal solution for a new entrepreneur who wants to start selling his products or services but does not have the necessary capital to set up his own shop. The cost of investing in an online store is much lower than investing in a physical one. An existing business can also benefit from the creation of an online store and increase its market share, its customer base and therefore, its profitability.

    Online shopping is very popular with a large part of consumers - especially with the young audience - who are searching, comparing and buying products from their home, their office or even while they are traveling. Companies that sell their products online are able to engage this growing audience and gain a competitive advantage over the companies that do have an online store.

    The final selection of the online store that consumers will use for their purchases depends solely on their personal judgment. We undertake to create a functional interface which offers the appropriate visual stimuli to facilitate all purchases. This is achieved by laying great emphasis on the attractive presentation of products, the easy navigation of the website, the direct access to the checkout page, as well as the easy choice of the payment method.

    Some of the most familiar tools that we use are:

    virtuemart joomla
    woocommerce wordpress
  • Hexabit’s solution

    Hexabit has the expertise to implement a variety of applications related to an online store, as designing it from the beginning, integrating it into an existing website, or connecting it to the ERP system of your company.

    In every website we design, including the creation of your online store, we apply the following additional services, in order to offer you the most integrated and functional solution:

    • Full-responsive web design that permits the automatic adjustment of your e-shop to any screen resolution (PC monitors and laptops, tablets, smartphones).

    • Application of our basic SEO package, in order to build a search engine friendly e-shop which uses targeted keywords in order to be easily found by users.

    • Free web hosting for a year.

    • Ongoing technical support

    Take advantage of the Internet and create an online retail store. An e-shop is the best solution for sales and e-commerce!

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